The top trending designs of 2021

The beauty and value of natural stone can completely transform any room or shop. This is why architects and designers often choose it over many other kinds of materials. But what are the main colours, shades and materials used in 2021? Find out below!

Using natural stone in furniture design

It is well known that marble and other kinds of natural stone can enrich any kind of space with their elegance and sophisticated touch. Because of their uniqueness, they are amongst the preferred materials by architects and interior designers. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only are they unique, they are also valuable, opulent, sustainable and durable materials.

On top of that, the infinite range of colours, textures and finishes makes marble and other natural stones the absolute best choice in interior design. They have always been employed for the furnishing of bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, but they are now all the more often used to decorate accessories on lamps, candle holders, fruit bowls and bottle racks, creating sumptuous details that add a unique touch to their surroundings.

Trending in 2021: the Must Knows

What trends are ruling 2021?

  • Sand tones: commonly used for both bathrooms and kitchens, they can add a sense of warmth and help create a pleasant and cosy environment.
  • Quartz: it is among the most popular materials for bathrooms as well as kitchens, because it resists scratches, temperature changes and chemicals. It’s also robust, versatile, and easy to clean.
  • Granite for kitchen worktops: when granite covers the sides of the kitchen isle, it can give life to a modern and extremely captivating design. This specific detail makes for a marvellous space where you can work, dine, invite guests and have some me time.
  • White marble bathrooms: neutral tones never go out of fashion, and neither does marble, which remains the perfect material to give your bathroom timeless elegance and beauty. White marble is excellent for smaller spaces, making them appear more spacious. Calacatta and Arabescato, two kinds of Italian marble, are ideal for who is passionate about this trend.
  • Darker tones: grey and black shades are on the front line in contemporary design of kitchens and bathrooms, but also contract settings. After all, isn’t black synonym for sophistication?

A look to the future: what does 2022 have in store for us?

Next year will supposedly be all about geometric lines and a palette of colours that will range from grey to beige and that will also include both pastel shades and more vibrant tones. Lighter colours will be preferred over darker ones, and they will be mainly oriental inspired, but the main theme will be Nature, so the most requested shades will be inspired by the colours of the Earth, going from black to green.