Cristed Stone

Cristed Stone

Giving expression to unique projects

Marble is capable of turning any room into the most sophisticated expression of style, thanks to its timeless elegance. Resistance, class and durability are universally attributed to this kind of stone, but it is not as easy to find the perfect material that can enhance its qualities in every project.

When it comes to choosing the right material, our expertise and knowledge of raw material come in handy.


We grant a rapid service in researching all kinds of materials requested, and in the organization of transportation of goods, thanks to close contacts with a widespread transport network in Europe. This allows us to deliver little material very rapidly.


We provide our expertise in the meticulous selection of our materials and in the choice of the perfect products for your projects. The processing our materials, truly Made in Italy, is our final guarantee.


You can find us in Verona, vital production hub for the production of natural stone in Europe. This translates to the possibility for us to meet every request you may have.


Our twenty-year expertise in all the processes of natural stone production can assist you in your projects, together with our scrupulous ability to select the most suitable products for each and every purpose.