Positive energy: the power of stones and design

It’s common knowledge that stones and crystals retain peculiar healing properties, and energy can be transmitted to those who touch and wear them. Such properties don’t go unnoticed, and even though they aren’t scientifically proven, design solutions that make use of stones and crystals, when placed in a given environment, can certainly provide feelings of joy and wellbeing. Find out how below!

La cristalloterapia: origine e caratteristiche

When we mention the healing properties of stones and crystals, we are referring to a discipline that relies on this very concept: crystal therapy. Its origins are uncertain, but we know for a fact that many peoples throughout the centuries attributed special powers to these stones, from the Egyptians to the Sumerians. They used stones to grant both the individual and the entire community health and wellbeing.

This technique is based on the belief that crystals and stones can radiate positive and purifying energy which can then be absorbed by our organism.

Thus, every stone possesses a particular property that can be employed to restore the physical, mental and spiritual energy of its owner.

To this day, there is no scientific basis to this theory, but it’s a proven fact that any organism, material and natural phenomenon is strictly linked to its own magnetic field and its resulting emission or absorption of energy.

Today, crystal therapy establishes itself as a modern therapeutic technique aiming to release mental, spiritual, emotional and physical blocks from people, exploiting the energy that crystals and stones radiate.

Healing properties of stones

Not all stones have the same properties. Some emit strength and energy while others restore emotions and spirit. There are different ways to obtain all of these benefits:

  • Wear a stone
  • Place the stone on a specific body part
  • Meditate close to the stones
  • Sleep close to the stones
  • Expose and collocate the stones in a given environment
  • Move the stones around yourself

If we consider the use of stones and crystals also for the realisation of furniture, coverings and design structures in a specific environment, placing stones in such environment could be able to transmit wellbeing and serenity to all those who enter or live there. This is why architects, designers and planners are developing more and more innovative and original ideas, capable of exploiting these “emotional” abilities that materials have.

Design solutions

Stones and crystals are two of the most widely used materials in the field of design for the creation of unique, astonishing projects. They can have many features: functionality, usefulness, reliability, abstractness or pure aestheticism, but among them we can also include their emotional purpose.

Stones can provide pleasure and wellbeing to those who admire or touch them. In turn, a room furnished and decorated with these materials gets filled with positive vibes that make it unique, exclusive and comfortable. One of the goals of design is precisely that of developing innovative and fascinating solutions, that can evoke warm feelings of pleasure and amazement in people.