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To develop unique projects, together, quickly, accurately.
We supply marble, granite, onyx and travertine of different origins, mainly in slabs and finished products. Our heart is in Italy but we work with openness to the world.


You know what you’d like to purchase, but you don’t know how and where to find it. Sounds familiar? With our multi-year expertise in the stone industry, we can guide you toward the choice of the finest materials, expression of the beauty of marble.


Its resistance and impermeability make marble suitable for any purpose, but each slab has its own special features: our job is to discover them


We closely monitor the loading phase so that our materials can be transported and delivered safely. We go through with the process step by step, with care and responsibility


We provide a hosting service as needed: you can choose the perfect material at any given moment. We arrange welcome and stay

Only highly selected materials

Marble: an everlasting material that defies the ephemerality of passing fads to leave a permanent mark.

Called “the radiant stone” by the Greek, marble is selected today in order to overcome difficulties which go beyond the craftsmanship of marble artifacts.

Hence the choice to broaden our expertise, starting from the selection of our materials to the delivery of finished products, thanks to transparent communication with designers, artisans, and factories of the stone industry, always working to meet our expectations.
And yours.

“The combination of the passion that I have always had in my work and the thirst to learn, have allowed me to have an increasingly in-depth knowledge of the sector in all its facets. Now this knowledge is available to my customers to offer a 360-degree service "

Cristiano Tedesco, CEO

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Why choose Travertine?

Travertine is a very resistant and compact type of natural stone that is largely used in the construction industry