From a project to the final choice, selecting the best material

Coverings made of natural stone can make any environment unique and valuable, and it can be used in many different settings, from shower and kitchen coverings to internal and external flooring. Yet choosing the perfect material is not easy, as many different factors come into play.

Marble, travertine or onyx…which one is best? This is just one of the many questions people ask when completing a project and moving on to the selection of the materials. It’s an important choice that requires thorough assessment and the support of experts that can guide you in the right direction.

This article explains what services Cristed Stone provides to its clients, to help them find what materials meet their needs and expectations.

How to find the perfect material for a project

If you’re looking for the perfect type of stone for wall or floor covering, or for the creation of some pieces of furniture, you should first think about your project’s basic requirements. Do you need a material that serves exclusively as a decorative element? Does it have to be functional too?

The ultimate goal is always to recreate a natural yet fascinating atmosphere that can amaze and catch the attention of whoever enters the room. While making the environment beautiful is often essential, sometimes it’s just as important for it to be functional, especially if you’re looking to realise a floor or a kitchen worktop. In this case, your preferred material should be sophisticated and elegant but resistant and durable at the same time.

Finding the perfect material for a specific project is the result of a complex process that includes combining the properties and features of the material itself. This doesn’t come easy without the support and help of an expert. Cristed Stone provides you with reliable, professional consulting, assisting you step by step towards the final choice of the most suitable material for your project.

What to take into consideration when choosing a material

Selecting a material means weighing many different factors. It’s not just about picking out the most valuable materials on the market, it also involves combining these features with the resistance and durability of the material itself, as well as its maintenance costs.

Nowadays, people most often look for unique and eye-catching architectural solutions, capable of adapting to both classic and modern environments. The accurate research of such solutions has led to the increasing need to find materials that can offer many other advantages, such as:

  • Resistance to mould and water
  • High thermal and acoustic isolation
  • Resistance to impact and abrasions.

These factors must be taken into consideration when selecting a material, as well as a careful analysis of the purposes of use and setting in which such material will be employed. Floors, for instance, must be resistant to impacts, stains and abrasions of any kind.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge in the field, we at Cristed Stone can help you choose what material is best for you, by carrying out meticulous research on different products, also finding alternative solutions to meet all of your needs.

Why a hosting service is important

Searching and selecting materials is not an easy process, and it often takes trial and error, as well as time. It must be carried out by carefully evaluating the features and peculiarities of each material.

This is why us at Cristed Stone have come up with an exclusive Hosting service, to provide our clients with the chance to take their time to choose a material that caters to their needs. We organise welcome and stay, suppling consulting and assistance to help clients find THE material.